Meet The Co-Founders

A Le Cordon Bleu graduate, Jessica Tantalo is just plain obsessed with good food, and accredits her parents with instilling the respect and familiarity of cooking at a young age. She’s dedicated to supporting the local food movement by encouraging seasonal and sustainable foods, and she helps home cooks expand their pantries while learning simple and rewarding cooking techniques.


Emily Bose’s love of cuisine has its roots in the kitchens of her mother and grandmothers. A classically trained pastry chef, Emily graduated from LeNotre Culinary Institute. Before pursuing her love of food, she received her B.A. from the University of Wisconsin, her J.D. from the University of Maryland and was a prosecutor for ten years. Her three boys happily taste test every kids meal before it goes to market.

Shared Appreciation for Food

Jessica and Emily started collaborating in 2014, teaching cooking classes for kids and adults at the East End Market. Through a shared appreciation for family food and commitment to responsible sourcing, Emmabean was launched in 2015. Today we offer our Kids Lunchbox, delivered to your Sprout’s school as well as boutique events for your next special occasion.


Developing good habits starts young. Just like everything else, eating habits begin then too. Introducing clean foods as early as possible is the best way to train Sprout tastebuds!