How to Order

How To Order Lunches

Ordering school lunch online has never been easier! Follow our quick steps to guarantee a healthy meal waiting on all available delivery days.   

Add Users to Your Account

Once your account is created, the first thing you’ll need to do is begin adding users. Users are people who will receive lunches daily – students, teachers, staff. Here you’ll add basic information like name, school details and note allergies to ensure your lunch is packaged specifically for you or your child. WHILE SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED: PICK HOME SCHOOL EAST END PICK AS YOUR “SCHOOL”.  

Start Building Your Weekly Menus/Orders

Once your users are created, you can start placing orders. You’ll be able to pick who to deliver the lunches to, as well as what days of the week they will get them. Remember that every day has a different assortment of yummy foods to pick from. You can copy a week to repeat the same menu selects for another week or add a new week and hand select a variety of options.  No delivery for lunches during the summer. Pick up at East End Market only. 

Edit Your Meals Before Cut-off Times

Have a change to your menu selections or need to remove a previously planned delivery day? No worries! You can edit a lunch box before the cut-off time. Cut-off times is 8 am the day of delivery.

Save Weekly Menus For Easy Reorder

If you like having the same thing every week, you can save your weekly orders for easy re-ordering. Weekly orders can both we duplicated and saved for later. You can find your saved orders in your Food Orders page.